CBD Oil and Relief??

CBD Oil and Relief??

should you use CBD for healthier sleeping habits?

For the many people struggling to find a peaceful nights rest is a daily battle. Ups and downs, good days and bad will all impact how well you are able to wind down at night. 

For those looking to break the cycle of harmful prescriptions and STRT a journey on a more natural path. 


Recently CBD has been breaking through many bad sleep habits formed by millions. Although scientist have no exactly pin pointed the chemical compound in the plant that promotes a healthy sleep pattern. scientists believe it relates to the plant molecule’s ability to help support mood and relaxation, thereby, bringing about a good night’s rest.


In 2019, the Permanente Journal performed a study looking at CBD’s ability to support sleep. The study gave 72 subjects struggling with sleep just 25MG of CBD each day and within one month, 66.7% reported better sleep 

Depending on the form of CBD you choose to take, the time it takes CBD to produce positive results varies from type to type.